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    1. News
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      You work in the Top 500 Enterprises in China

      Recently, by the "Zhejiang Merchants" magazine data laboratory exclusively launched the "Zhejiang Merchants Bank Yongjin Bill Pool 2019 Zhejiang Merchants National Top 500" launched again. In 2019, the 11th year of the list of "Top 500 Zhejiang Businessmen in China" was released. The entrance fence of this year's list was as high as 950 million yuan. There were 12 enterprises in Yuyao, including Ningbo Dechang Electric Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      Shunyu Group Co., Ltd.

      Ningbo Shimao Copper Co., Ltd.

      Zhejiang Hualian Commercial Building Co., Ltd.

      Zhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

      Zhejiang Langdi Group Co., Ltd.

      Fucheng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

      Ningbo Fujia Industrial Co., Ltd.

      Ningbo Wanglong Technology Co., Ltd.

      Ningbo Shentong Molding Co., Ltd.

      Ningbo Dechang Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      Ningbo Zhentong Co., Ltd.

      Yuyao Dafa Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

      Updated date:2019-07-11